Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have had a special request for sharing the illustrations I'm drawing for a "Think Adoption" book series. The author is Elaine Marlier. She is a PetCo Manager out of Golden, Colorado. The titles are, "Without a Home" Inspiring and heartfelt tales of dog, (cat, furryies, etc.), adoptions. There are going to be five books total. The first two, dogs and cats, are available on Amazon now I'm told. To find the books, go to:

The first story is about a black lab, Spike. He had a very good home and enjoyed running with his master, but his master got a new job that would take him to a city where he wouldn't be able to take Spike with him.

His story is involved of course, but he ended up in a shelter where he ultimately found a new master. She was a runner too and Spike enjoyed a very good adopted life.

The first picture, of course, is the sad Spike, and the second picture is the happy Spike with his new master.

The books are a 6" x 9" size, so the drawings are small, all on 8"x10" pager, and they are all done with a graphite pencil. The drawings take a long time to draw, paying attention to all the details is both a good quality of mine, and an albatross. Spike took a total of 57.25 hours. Which unfortunately, with my schedule, is not a mere week, but probably a month for this set. But I very much enjoy this calling, and relish in the details.

I hope you enjoy.

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