Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yogi with the big ears

Today is the story of Yogi ...
Yogi had a couple of families over his lifetime. He had just been dropped off at the kennel and they didn't know his background. Always thought weird looking for his very large ears. A family with two boys took him home, and they had a wonderful three years together, and then divorce came into their lives. His next home was with a student who had no idea how much activity he needed for his upkeep. She soon realized he was too much for her and he was taken to the kennel again.

His new home had a dog already. The master had lost one of his two dogs, and adopted Yogi as a companion for the remaining dog who was mourning her friend who died. They were a perfect fit. Yogi was gentle with her and left her alone when she didn't want to play. So, happy ever after!
Today the wind is still blowing, and we probably got about 2 to 3 new inches of snow, and it is only +1 degrees. Brrrrrr.... Have to get back to my drawing room now. Um ... to draw!...

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