Monday, October 20, 2008

Adoption Series

I have been involved in illustrating several books since last year. The series is "Think Adoption First" and there is a Canine Series, a Feline Series, and now starting a small furry critter series. The idea was to illustrate a dog that was down on his luck, and then give him a new home and show how happy the dog and his new owner can be without having to buy an expensive pure bred dog. This is the happy picture of Sal, and one of my previous posts show the very sad Sal after his first family died.

So little by little I'll either illustrate my post with these drawings, or just display a sad and happy dog or cat. I hope you enjoy that.

Today here was chilly and overcast. Beginning to get windy. Understand the wind is going to get pretty strong between today and tomorrow.

I have to go and layout another furry little critter now. See you tomorrow.

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