Monday, October 20, 2008

Without a Home

Okay, this is the last of the stories in the first book, the canine series. (But the first one I drew.) This is the story of Sal. Over time, both his mistress and master passed away. He loved fishing with his master, and always laid across his feet at home. His master's family tried to keep him, but they were not tolerant of the new responsibility and gave him to a shelter.

The lady who adopted him had wanted a little lap dog, but fell in love with Sal and his sad eyes. It turns out his exuberance for walks and play kept her from depression. She had to get out for the dog, and this healed her mourning. His happy life picture is in the post below.

The dog that posed for "Sal" is a female husky owned by my son-in-law. Her name is Crystal and is about 14 years old now. The photo session was really funny. The sad pictures were taken with my daughter helping her get into the right positions. The new life picture with her smiling was done with her master, my son-in-law helping. She is very specifically his dog. The lady in the new life picture is a friend of mine who posed for me, separately from the dog. Her grandkids sure get a kick out of seeing their Grandma in a book!

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